Get started with Hire-a-Blugold

Everything you need to know to find and apply to internships and professional jobs posted for students at UW-Eau Claire.

How to Login to Hire-a-Blugold

Enter your User Name and Password - Click Login
User Name= Blugold ID # followed by uwec (example: 1234567uwec).
The username is NOT your university/email account.

If you have never logged in or have forgotten your password:

Click 'Forgot Your Password'
Enter your User Name - A password will be emailed to your university email account.
User Name= Blugold ID # followed by uwec (example: 1234567uwec).
The username is NOT your university/email account. 

If this is your first time using Hire-a-Blugold, you will be asked to complete your profile.

My Account
Under this drop down you will find the following information:

  1. My Profile - Make sure you keep your profile is kept up-to-date (ex. major, email address, phone number).
  2. My Documents – You can upload up to 10 resumes, 10 cover letters, unofficial transcripts and letters of recommendation. Make sure your default resume is always up-to-date.
  3. My Connections - This is where you can sign up for national job sites.
  4. My Activity - All system activity is tracked here including jobs you have applied for and employers who have viewed your resume (referrals), job agents, on-campus interview schedules you have signed up for, documents submitted and event registrations.

Job and Internship Search

  1. Under the Jobs and Internships dropdown click on Jobs and Internships Search.
  2. Search and view all active jobs and internships posted for UW-Eau Claire students and alumni. If you have signed up for the national job sites, you will see these search results on different tabs.
  3. Click the Position Type drop down box to filter by on-campus employment, summer and part-time employment, internships or professional positions.
  4. Get more tips for searching.

Employer Search

  1. Click on Employer Search. This is a list of employers who have worked with Career Services in the past.
  2. Click Advanced Search for more search options (the fewer criteria you select, the more results you will get).
  3. Start with Employer Industry or Location (you can multi-select by holding down the ctrl key for PCs or the command key on Macs).
  4. Many of the employers list contact information so students can get in touch with them.

On Campus Interviews

  1. Drop down the On-Campus Interviews at the top of the page and click on Interview Schedules
  2. On the results, click on the Position Title
  3. To review the Position Description, click on the Position Title under the Linked to Jobs heading.
  4. After reviewing the Position Description, click the View Linked Interview Schedule at the top of the page.
  5. You will need to have uploaded a resume to apply for on-campus interviews. There may be other requirements. Carefully read the Document Categories Require Selection to make sure you have all required documents.
  6. Click the Request Interview Button
  7. If more than one position is linked to that Interview Schedule, you will need to choose the position for which you would like to interview
  8. Learn more ...

Career Events
Search for on-campus and off-campus career fairs and career events

  1. All upcoming career events will be shown. You can also view career events by looking at your calendar on the main page.
  2. You can do a search by event date or category (ex. career fair)
  3. To view the employers registered for a career fair, click on the [VIEW EMPLOYERS] button
  4. If you would like to be emailed when a new event is posted, click the [Email me New Events for this Search] button after you do an event search. See “Job Agents” above for more information.