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Every fall and spring semester Career Services hosts a Career Conference for all students. With over 100 employers attending each conference, it is our goal for every prospective young professional to find an internship and/or job during their college career.

Having the opportunity of an internship not only allows you to gain experience for when you enter the “real world”, it also helps to expand your network and create further opportunity. Claire Mugge found this out when she attended UWEC’s Career Fair when she was a freshman.

In 2015 Claire came to Eau Claire as a freshman with a major in Marketing. It was through her involvement on campus and being proactive in looking for opportunities to help her expand her resume, Claire decided to attend the fall 2015 Career Conference. For a freshman this is a big deal, not only are you new to campus, but many believe that the conference is only for upper classmen; which is incorrect. Everyone is welcome! Even if you don’t land a job or an internship, it is a great opportunity to practice your networking skills.

Follow Claire’s internship process and experience in the interview I had with her:


Major: Marketing

Company: Mason Companies Inc.

Internship position (title): Digital Online Marketing Intern

When was your internship? Fall 2016 Semester-Spring 2017 Semester

Tasks assigned/responsibilities: I generate company ecommerce and engagement reports from Google Analytics and Oracle. I also manage Amazon sites and CrazyEgg testing to improve company performance. I perform CheetahMail analysis to evaluate the effectiveness of email template designs and promotions. I am responsible for a site speed testing analysis where I collect data on several of the company’s websites. I trial website design features and their corresponding effect on website loading time. I conduct multiple product photoshoots to provide content for company advertisement. Lastly, I post for two company ventures Pinterest and Twitter accounts to generate revenue

How did you find out about your internship opportunity? I discovered the company through the campus Career Conference.

What was the process to obtain your internship? I approached Mason Companies at the Career Fair and talked with them about what the internship entailed.  Later, they contacted me for a phone interview.  After the phone interview, I was contacted a couple week later and was offered the position.

What prepared you for your internship? Yes.  When I applied for the internship I was a freshman and I have been working there my sophomore year.  Despite my age, I have had two previous internships in sales and marketing that prepared me quite well for the internship.

Where there any aspects that made you nervous? Yes. Joining any team can be somewhat daunting.  I believe it’s what you do to channel those nerves into positive outcomes that result in success for your team and yourself.  Also, the internship program at Mason Companies has been in place for 20 years.  Living up to previous interns work made me slightly nervous.

Favorite part? Seeing all of the efforts I did on my side apply to the outcome of the webpage performance.  I found satisfaction in knowing that my work impacted decisions the company made on their websites.

What did you take away from your internship? A greater understanding for how an online company operates within the marketing realm.  From email campaign designs to certain verbiage, I learned the ins and outs of internet marketing.

What has your internship prepared you for? I believe online marketing is going to pick up popularity in companies soon. Having a background in internet marketing will prepare me for new positions or a company’s shift to digital marketing.

Advice to other students? Attend the Career Conference! Research your companies and find a couple you want to talk with, prepare an elevator pitch, and have an updated resume ready.  I went to the Career Conference as a freshman to practice and get comfortable talking with employers, I ended up getting my internship because of it.  Also, keep up with updating your resume and LinkedIn so when the time comes to use it, they will be ready to go. Lastly, go out of your way to improve your professionalism. Join a club, go see speakers, attend networking events. Just getting exposure to a professional environment and people will allow you to become more comfortable in that type of setting.

What is your internship experience preparing you for? My internship is preparing me for more internships and hopefully a full-time position post-graduation. All companies stress experience and having a solid background of work experience will only benefit me going forward.

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  1. Cathy Behr

    Claire- once again your incredible tenacity and hard work has paid off ten-fold. Look out world when she hits the job market!


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