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The Career Conference. The time of year where business clothes are being shared among friend groups, padfolios are being dusted off and tailored resumes are being neatly tucked inside. A time where endless opportunities are available to you within walking distance of the third floor of the Davies Center.

Before attending the Career Conference hosted by Career Services, I asked a few of my fellow “freshie” friends to step into their dress attire and walk around with me.

Janelle Peterson, Abe Rossmiller, Sarah Strumberger and myself all made an appearance at the event at some point throughout the day and these are their responses when asked, “What did you hear or know about the Career Conference before and what did you gain or learn from attending?”


Janelle Peterson | Criminal Justice Major

“I didn’t know a lot about the career conference going into it. Originally, I had actually thought that the career conference was only for juniors and seniors to make connections with future employers. So when I found out that anyone can attend the conference I thought that it was great. When I walked in I was amazed to see how many corporations took the time to attend the conference and not only that but how many large companies were there. It really felt like an open atmosphere for students to walk up to any company representative and tell them about themselves, and why they might be a good prospective employee. It’s definitely a great opportunity for students to network and make those important connections with future employers.”


Abe Rossmiller | Kinesiology Major

“Going into the career conference I didn’t really know what to expect. I assumed it would be a good way to meet local businesses, and make connections for future job opportunities. I was surprised to learn about an internship offered at Golds Gym. I thought it was amazing how many different businesses were there and how many types of positions they were looking to fill.  It was a pretty great experience that I would recommend to all college students entering the workforce. Even if you don’t come out with a job offer it is great practice.”



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Sarah Strumberger | Advertising Major and Marketing Minor

“I heard everyone talking about it, and I only knew that a ton of employers would be on campus and students would have the opportunity to meet these employers! I knew it was more for upperclassmen looking for interns or jobs, so I didn’t look into it much further. I decided to photograph the event since it was such a talked about event, and after attending I realized how important it is for these students! I could tell some students were very nervous and excited to be there, and the employers were very ready to meet these students. I could tell it was a big deal for students searching for what they want to do after they graduate!”

After collecting input from friends on campus, I gathered my own thoughts on what it was like to attend the Career Conference as a freshman and overall was more than thrilled with my experience.

I personally attended the Career Conference for a few different reasons. Attending as the Public Relations and Outreach Intern with my coworker Grace, we walked around and met every employer as we took pictures of them and their booths. This was obviously a great way of networking and an awesome method of getting familiar with the employers. I also attended as a member of the Student Advisory Board and was able to eat lunch with the employers which granted me yet another opportunity to network and hear their stories as they were going through college and the job search process. Finally, I attended as a member of the American Marketing Association which played a big role in helping out with the conference.

Overall, I agree with my peers and can only say good things about the conference. I was able to network more than I ever thought possible and was able to create relationships with employers and students in ways that would’ve been difficult to do on my own, and the other freshman that attended seem to agree.

Mark your calendars to start counting down for the Fall 2017 Conference! For anyone that has questions about the Career Conference, please feel free to come to Career Services! I hope to see all of you Blugolds there next time!

Sam 🙂

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