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Everything you need to know to create an account and post positions in Hire-a-Blugold

Login to Hire-a-Blugold

If you have posted positions in Hire-a-Blugold or attended an event, you already have an account in our system and should not create a new account.

New Users: Click Create New Account
You will be taken to a screen and prompted to search for your Organization Name. If you find it, click on it. The next screen will allow you to enter your own Contact Information. If you don't find it, click "Can't Find Organization" to complete your employer and then your own contact information.
Returning Users: Complete the User Name and Password fields
If you have forgotten your Username or received the message "Your account is not active," email career03@uwec.edu

TIP: If you are posting a part-time, summer employment opportunity that is not for a company, you can use your name as the Employer Name.

TIP: If you are posting a professional position or internship that you would like distributed to all 13 UW System schools, you can post it once at Jobs for Wisconsin Grads once and it will go out to all campuses.

My Account
Under this drop down you will find the following information:
  1. My Profile - You can edit your Contact Information here. However, because multiple contacts are linked to the same Employer, we ask that you email us at career03@uwec.edu to make any changes to the main Employer Profile.
  2. My Jobs – Your Job List includes all jobs you have previously posted. You can repost any of these positions by clicking on Open Job next to the position. To edit the position, click on the Position ID.
    Click on New Job to complete the form for a new job posting.
  3. Career Events - This lists the Career Events that are currently open for registration. To register, click on Search and select Career Fair.

Post Jobs and Internships

How to post a new job:

  • Login to Hire-a-Blugold at https://www.myinterfase.com/uwec/employer/
  • Hover pointer over “My Jobs” tab on the top menu bar. Click on “New Job” on the drop down menu.
  • Fill out the Position Information Section/Contact Information Section.
  • Fill out the Posting Information section:
    • Position location must be formatted as “City, State Abbreviation” (Eau Claire, WI)
    • Position type can be:
      • On-Campus Student Employment
      • Part-time and Summer Student Employment
      • Internship
      • Professional Entry-Level Job(0-2 yrs exp)
      • Professional Experienced Job (2+ yrs exp))
    • Choose the majors you feel are most qualified for the position. If it is a general position choose “Any Major” to include all majors.
    • If you allow students to apply through Hire-a-Blugold you will receive an automatic email with a link to the student's resume. If you only want them submitted through your website, select no. If you are planning on interviewing on-campus, the resumes will be submitted through the system, but you can also include in the directions to apply through your website, if your organization requires that.
  • Choosing the Classifications: Internships are often the most critical Position Type to have accurate Classification(s) selected. If you have indicated in your Position Qualifications that you require a sophomore, or junior, for instance, be sure to choose that here as well. For most entry-level positions, choose Senior and Alumni. For any student employment positions, it is recommended that you choose Freshman, Sophomore, Junior and Senior.
Your job is now posted. If you have more than one position to post, repeat these steps for each position.

How to re-post a previously posted job:
  • Login to Hire-a-Blugold at https://www.myinterfase.com/uwec/employer/
  • Hover pointer over “My Jobs” tab on the top menu bar. Click on “Job List” on the drop down menu.
  • Click the position you want to copy.
  • On the left hand navigation select “Copy Job”. Then click “Ok” on the “Copy this record as a new job?” prompt.
  • Edit any information you need to change with the “[Edit]” button on the right hand side of the posting information.