FAQs about Hire-a-Blugold.

General Questions

No, you can begin searching for jobs and internships as soon as you complete your profile. If the position application instructions ask that you apply through Hire-a-Blugold, or if you are applying for an on-campus interview through Hire-a-Blugold, you must upload a resume.
Career Services has developed relationships with many of the employers who post positions on the site.  We make every attempt to ensure that the positions posted are appropriate for college students and are being posted by reputable employers.
Yes. You can tell the system to send you emails based on search criteria you have provided.  Any new postings that match your criteria will be emailed to you each night.
Call Career Services at 715-836-5358 or email career03@uwec.edu to notify us of your new email address.
Yes. Many of the employers who post positions for our current students also post positions looking for alumni with experience. They know the quality of our alumni and have established a relationship with our campus and Career Services.

Jobs and Internships

Follow the Application Instructions on the job posting in Hire-a-Blugold. Some positions will allow you to send your documents to the employer through Hire-a-Blugold. For other jobs, you will apply directly to the employer.
No, positions posted on Hire-a-Blugold are local, statewide, national, and international.
On-campus and part time jobs are also posted on Hire-a-Blugold. Click the Position Type drop down box on the Job and Internships Search Page to filter by on-campus employment, summer and part-time employment, internships or professional positions. To find work-study positions, click on Advanced Search and choose Yes to Work Study Available.
Yes. All majors are represented in the postings for jobs and internships in Hire-a-Blugold. Depending on the time of year, there will be different types of jobs and internships available.

On-Campus Interviews

This depends on the employer. If you are selected for an interview, you will receive an email inviting you to sign up for an interview time. You must accept or decline the invitation no later than 48 hours prior to the interview date. The sooner you select a time, the better selections of time you will have. If you wish to decline the interview, please do so as soon as possible in order to allow another student the opportunity to interview. At any time during this process you may log in to Hire-a-Blugold and view your interview status under "My Account, My Activity."
If it is more than 48 hours prior to the interview date, you can decline the interview through Hire-a-Blugold. If it is less than 48 hours prior to your interview, contact Career Services at 715-836-5358 or stop in the office, Schofield 230 as soon as possible to cancel your appointment. Cancelling your interview promptly makes it possible for another student to get on the interview schedule.
Contact Career Services at 715-836-5358 or email Career03@uwec.edu. You will be instructed to send a letter of apology to the recruiter and submit it to Career Services. We will forward the letter to the employer.
It is in your best interest to maintain a professional relationship with employers and Career Services should you ever need to contact them in the future. It also helps the employer maintain a positive relationship with UW-Eau Claire, so they will continue to recruit UW-Eau Claire students.
Contact Career Services at 715-836-5358 or email Career03@uwec.edu for further assistance.

Other Questions

If you choose "Yes" on your profile, employers who are registered with Hire-a-Blugold are able to view your default resume. If you choose "No" on your profile, only Career Services staff will be able to view your default resume.
If you have enabled 'Allow Employer Viewing,' employers will be able to view your default resume and the information you provided in your profile, including your skills and certifications. Employers are able to search by skills and certifications, so fill out your profile completely and carefully.
Unofficial transcripts can be obtained through Blugold CAMPS. You can obtain an official transcript from the Registrar's office website.