Job and Internship Search

How to Search

  1. Click on Job Search and view all active jobs and internships posted for UW-Eau Claire students and alumni.
  2. Click the position type drop down box to filter by on-campus employment, summer and part-time employment, internships or Professional positions.
  3. Conduct an advanced search if you want to find work-study positions or know the Job ID or want to search by Industry or Job Function (ex. Child Care)
  4. You can save your search by clicking on “Save Search” or sign up for job agents* by clicking on “Email Me New Jobs for this Search”

Apply for an internsip or job

  1. You may see a [Submit Resume] button at the top of the page. Click this to submit your resume directly to that employer.
  2. Tip: Even if the employer does not require a cover letter, we always recommend that students submit a cover letter to explain your interest in the position and why you are qualified
  3. If you do not see the submit resume button, the employer has included alternate application instructions. Read the application instructions on the job posting carefully to learn how to apply for the position.

*Job Agents

Tip: If you would like to be emailed when a new job is posted or existing job is re-posted, click the [Email me New Jobs for this Search] button after you do a job search.

  1. Give your job agent a name that you will remember (ex. Milwaukee full-time marketing jobs).
  2. You can create an unlimited number of Job Agents.
  3. To change or disable your job agents, go to [My Account] then [My Activity] and click on the job agent tab.
  4. If you would simply like to save your job search, click the [Save Search] button.

Understand the Search Fields

  • Position Type
    Choose the type of employment you desire. For example: If you are looking for an internship and wish to only view internships, select “Internship.”
    Tip: To search multiple position types, hold down the control key while selecting.

  • Job Function
    Job Function refers to work this position will actually perform. For example: If you would like to see all positions in the field of Communications, select “Communications/Media/Journalism. This should give you a well-rounded result. To search multiple Job Functions, results, such as “design” instead of “designer.” If you get too many results, try limiting the number of words (“design” instead of “web design”). You can also filter the results on the results page if you get too many results.

  • Keywords
    A keyword search scans the Job Description of all posted positions for that particular word(s). For example: Graphic Designer or Marketing Assistant.
    The search function uses any of the words in your search phrase. For instance, if you search for Graphic Designer, you will find all positions that list graphic OR designer, not graphic AND designer. If you get limited results, try shortened versions of words to find relevant results, such as “design” instead of “designer.” If you get too many results, try limiting the number of words (“design” instead of “web design”). You can also filter the results on the results page if you get too many results.
    Tip: Try various combinations of keywords to hone your preferred search result. And then use the “Save Search” link on the results page to save your search.

  • Employer Name
    If you know the employer’s name, you are able to search specifically for it by entering the name of their organization.
    Caution: When entering the employer’s name, if you do not find a match try searching by other methods. Companies may list their name different (or various) ways.

  • Industry
    Industry represents the employer’s line of business. Employers select this when registering with Hire-a-Blugold. To search multiple industries, hold down the control key while selecting. Selecting more than one industry will produce more results.
    Caution: Large corporations can span various industries. When searching by this category you may find limited results.

  • Major
    When searching by Major, you will only receive results that include jobs for which employers have selected the same Major (Emphasis) you have chosen. To enter your major(s)/minor(s), click on Add/Remove and select from the list.
    Caution: When searching by Major, your search results could be limited since not all employers choose all appropriate majors.

  • Position ID
    You can enter the Position ID which will specifically pull only that job into the search results. You will see Position IDs on Career Service generated emails.

  • Position Location
    Enter the State in which you are searching for employment. Note: All States are abbreviated (WI, MN, etc.)
    Caution: When entering State, some companies may abbreviate or spell out the State in which the company resides. When searching for State-specific places, try alternative combinations.

  • Multiple search fields
    Use multiple fields to sharpen your search results. Then use the “Save Search” link on the results page to save your search as a quick link on your Hire-a-Blugold homepage or use the “Create Job Agent” link to receive an email when new positions are added that match your saved search.